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رشته MA Urban Design دانشگاه (UWE (Bristol
Urban Design

About this course
Entry year: 2012/13
Course code: K46A12
Applications: University
Level: Postgraduate
Department: Planning and Architecture
Campus: Frenchay
Duration: 12 months Full-time or 24 - 36 months Part-time.
Delivery: Full-time and Part-time
Study Abroad: No
Programme leader: Louis Rice BA DipArch RIBA
The Urban Design course provides an opportunity for you to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to embark upon a career in urban design or urban planning. It is a creative, design-led programme that aims to educate critically engaged built-environment professionals who demonstrate an ethically responsible attitude towards society, clients, users and the environment.

The course can be studied part-time to allow people with family, financial, work and other commitments the opportunity to complete their academic education. Part-time students are taught alongside full-time students so that they receive the same level of tutorial support and peer assisted learning in the studio.

The Bristol area possesses a rich variety of built environments within a short distance, providing an excellent resource of case studies. These environments include a medieval city, classical townscapes, historic waterfronts, inner city, suburbia and 'Edge City'. Market towns and villages are also within a short distance of the University. Field trips and site visits to UK and European towns and cities also enhance your' comparative studies and experiences of diverse built environments.

There are two compulsory modules for the Masters. The full-time route combines the module 'Design Studio' (60 credits) which is the major component of the Masters; this module facilitates and encourages a design-led investigation into the creation of new cities, urban spaces and buildings. The design studio is supported by the 'Design Research' module (30 credits) that compliments the studio's practical work with more theoretical and literature-based material that will also help inform the dissertation.

There are also optional modules that focus more specifically on an area of expertise that students may wish to develop. Students can choose two of the three following options:

•Advanced Cultural Studies (15 credits)
•Design in Sensitive Urban Areas (15 credits)
•Healthy Cities (15 credits)
The final module is the Dissertation (60 credits) that can either be of conventional written format or adopt design as a research method.

Teaching and learning
The teaching staff provides a friendly, enabling environment for learning. Drawn from across the Department they reflect the interdisciplinary nature of urban design and include planning, architecture, landscape architecture, geography and urban studies. They are also actively engaged in research or professional practice, ensuring that you learn directly from the latest academic and practice developments.

The teaching and learning pattern is varied: a combination of lectures, seminars, projects, or studio sessions, site visits and workshops, which develop skills, for example in drawing, visual analysis or costing. Design is taught in our new, dedicated studio spaces through weekly studio-based lectures, individual tutorials, group seminars and project reviews. Design projects are assessed at the project reviews and by submission of a portfolio.

One of our main aims is to foster an active community, encompassing students on postgraduate taught courses and students undertaking research degrees. There are currently around 800 students on postgraduate taught courses, and about 60 postgraduate research students. Graduate students have a dedicated space on the main campus, with teaching rooms and informal areas.

Study time
The course starts with a short induction programme, in late September, when formal enrolment takes place. It can be studied on either a part-time or full-time basis; part-time over 28 months, with attendance on two days per fortnight, full-time over 12 months with formal contact two days per week. Modules are studied between late September and the end of the following May. The period from May to September and beyond is mainly devoted to work on the dissertation.

All assessment is by coursework only, on the basis of individual work (but may contain some joint work). The dissertation is a major individual piece of work on a topic that reflects your own area of interest.

Entry requirements
We require a first degree of 2:2 or above or equivalent.

Full details of fees for this course can be found on our postgraduate fees pages.

For funding options, please see our funding and scholarships information.

Panasonic Trust Fellowships
Students on this course are eligible to apply for a Panasonic Trust Fellowship, which is worth £8,000. Further details can be obtained from the Royal Academy of Engineering at http://www.raeng.org.uk.

How to apply
Please see the general information about applications.

We welcome applicants with first degrees in the built environment professions, such as architects, town planners, highway engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and town centre managers.

We welcome applications from students without the conventional entrance requirements but who do have substantial relevant work or other experience and whose motivation and skills would enable them to succeed on the course.

We also welcome applications from people with disabilities, and we are happy to arrange visits for disabled applicants to find out whether the course is suitable, and discuss what support is appropriate.

International applicants (non UK and EU) should aim to apply by the end of June to allow time to arrange their accommodation, finance and visa.

For further information
•Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 83333
•E-mail: Admissions@uwe.ac.uk

اطلاعات بیشتر : http://courses.uwe.ac.uk/K46A12/2012#about
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